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Be one of our first backers and get massive savings with the early bird price! Your early support will help us with early momentum.


Be one of our first backers and get massive savings with the early bird price! Your early support will help us with early momentum.


High waisted compression Leggings with the power of shapewear that look like a work day and feel like a weekend. Comfortable, 100% opaque they’re as durable as they are stylish.

360 Degree Compression Technology

control muffin top and toned look

Made of 90% polyamide and 10% elastane InvisiBelly leggings are durable and give you a medium compression fit for a toned look that eliminates muffin top. 360 degree compression support also means they’ll aide in reducing soreness and muscle fatigue while fully supporting your belly area. And yes, they’re safe to wear postpartum.

Seamless Construction and 4 way stretch

With InvisiBelly leggings, you’ll have a smooth, seamless fit and form. There’s no tugging involved (they’re not thick tights pretending to be leggings) making them effortless to slip on, with no seams to line up in strange and unusual places. And the construction is snag, hole and run-proof.

Works on any stage in your life - PERFECT TRAVEL WARDROBE

Whether you are a dancer, graduate, mother, corporate women or grandmother – Invisiblelly works for any stage of your life!

Classic Styling From Dawn To Dusk

Trends come and go but your InvisiBelly leggings will remain a wardrobe staple. Dressed up or down, they’ll work with your active lifestyle from season to season.

Effortlessly transition between work, indoor or outdoor play like crawling on the floor with your toddler, yoga, cycling, or enjoying a night out with friends. InvisiBelly are your must pack, must wear, must have leggings that adapt to the demands of your busiest days

At home

at work



Retains Shape

longer lifespan, big on SUSTAINABILITY

InvisiBelly retains its shape and moulds to your body, even if you drop a dress size, saving you from replacing your leggings if your weight fluctuates. And, because you’ll have a medium compression fit, you won’t feel like a stuffed sausage. I’ve intentionally designed InvisiBelly leggings for comfort and longevity.

Silicone Gel Non-Slip Waistband

they stay put

I’ve addressed one of the biggest problems with most leggings, a waistline that slips. A silicone gel waistband prevents you from having to hitch up your leggings every time you move. It’s comfortable so you won’t experience digging, cutting or rolling at your waistline. Finally, you can be confident your leggings are staying put!


stay fresh, longer

Built in anti-microbial technology helps fight odor causing bacteria so your leggings stay fresh and clean longer.

Moisture Wicking

stay dry

You’ll feel dry and comfortable all day with moisture wicking, a defense mechanism that draws moisture away from your body.

The InvisiBelly Story

When I had my first child I struggled to lose the baby weight. I didn’t know how to juggle being a new mum with my own self-care so I focused entirely on my child. Healing from my pregnancy was a slow two-year process and throughout, my mum coaxed me to consider the age-old Asian belly wrapping ritual she learned from her mother-in-law, my grandma Leela. I balked!

After losing most of my baby weight, the hard way, I became pregnant with my second child. This time, I vowed to take better care of myself and recover more quickly. I remembered what mum said about belly wrapping and began my research.

My aha moment came when I thought, why not merge belly wrapping with the compression technology in athletic wear? I tested what I could find on the market and while the compression mimicked Asian belly wrapping, I knew I could design a better product. And so I created my wish list

  • compression that began lower on the belly and rose above the belly button for more support, smoothing and slimming so I didn’t have to wear extra shaping underneath.
  • leggings that could withstand more than a few washings before falling apart.
  • leggings that I could wear to the gym that were also stylish enough to wear on a night out with friends, without looking like I was wearing workout clothes.
  • leggings that weren’t cheap and that didn’t make me feel, or look, frumpy.

What began as a ritual handed down by generations to heal the body postpartum, soon evolved into a lifestyle brand to help women feel more confident, fall in love with their bodies while doing good for the environment.